RoboBusiness Europe 2014
Venerdì 18 Aprile 2014 08:52
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The 26th to the 28th of May 2014 RoboBusiness Europe will take place in at Hotel LEGOLAND in Denmark.  RoboBusiness Europe 2014 is a new European conference where you will get valuable insights into the exponentially growing robotics industry.
RoboBusiness Europe includes all major robotics technologies like co-worker, autonomous guided vehicles (AGV), drones, tele-presence, sensor-controlled, compliant manipulators, artificial intelligence systems, etc. At the same time we go in depth with branches like manufacturing, healthcare, automobile, education, specialty-schools, agriculture, oil, gas, wind, solar cell and nuclear energy as well as waste management. You will see where the technological trends are heading and how this will affect the paradigms of businesses.
The purpose of the RoboBusiness Europe is to create a closer dialogue between end-users and developers of robotics. Therefore, both end-users from the different sectors and the robotics developers will attend the conference in order to strenghten to robotic industries.
bioPmed discounts:
bioPmed members can sign up using the following link (in order to still attend the conference for early bird prices):
  • Full programme, 500 euros + VAT, use the code: RBEBIP2014
  • Participation the 26/5, 300 euros + VAT, use the code: RBEBIP262014
  • Participation the 27/5, 300 euros + VAT, use the code: RBEBIP272014
*The prices do not include accommodation

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