Diaceutics Convergence Meeting
Martedì 23 Settembre 2014 15:26
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These include integration of disruptive technologies into treatment pathways, regulatory and access gaps, physician education and competitive collaboration.
The skill and experience base of attendees, alongside an agenda focused on structured discussion versus “presentations”, will ensure seasoned Personalized medicine experts tackle the themes.
A greater understanding and of personalized medicine commercialization will be enabled by in depth analysis and immersion with executives in the front line of PM delivery.
Among those attending are individuals from Big Pharma like Novartis and BMS, Diagnostic companies like Qiagen and Ventana, Clinical experts from Mount Sinai and Institut Curie, Pathologists and clinical Laboratory experts from MDAnderson Cancer Center and Vall de Hebron, alongside Foundations like Bill and Melinda Gates and communications experts like Adelphi.
The agenda for the meeting is here: www.diaceutics.com/CM/program.html

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