ShareBiotech Event “Fostering open innovation in biotechnology”
Martedì 24 Aprile 2012 08:41
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On May 10, 2012 the scientific conferences will deal with innovative nano and microsystems for drug delivery.
On the morning session of May 11, under the main frame heading "Building networks in biotechnology", the event will address two topics: tools for collaboration in biotechnology and challenges and experiences in networking, where researchers, industry and policy makers will share their ideas to foster the biotech sector.
Biocant offers mobility grants for companies or researchers who want to participate.
To register:
ShareBiotech is a European project which main goal is to strengthen the biotechnology sector by promoting knowledge transfer and transnational networks and by widening access to life science technological core facilities. Led by French organizations the project is running by a consortium of 10 partners from 4 Member States: France, Ireland, Portugal and Spain.

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