JHI Connected Health Challenge Europe
Lunedì 01 Ottobre 2012 13:24
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Janssen will award a total of €30.000 euros in prizes across 3 selected categories. Submissions will be reviewed and finalists will be invited to participate in the Challenge Final on November 5, 2012 in Berlin.
The three categories for the Competition are:
  1. Technology enabled self-care - using technology to help consumers better understand and manage their health
  2. Hospital to home - enabling care transition and clinical quality care in residential environments
  3. Maintaining medication adherence - driving adherence through enhanced patient communication

In addition to significantly increasing visibility amongst the healthcare and investor communities, the Janssen Healthcare Innovation team will provide the winners mentorship and support to further advance commercial development of the best ideas addressing the Challenge.
For more information, please visit the event website: www.jhiconnectedhealthchallenge.com

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