Course Skeletal Tissue Engineering Mechanics
Giovedì 06 Giugno 2013 12:03
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The course "Skeletal Tissue Engineering Mechanics, with Links to Biology, Chemistry and Medicine" will be held in Udine on September 23-27, 2013.
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The lectures of the course will cover topics concerning the key challenges of contemporary tissue engineering strategies, which result from (at least) two competing requirements: (i) the tissue engineering scaffolds must exhibit a sufficient mechanical competence, i.e. stiffness and strength comparable to natural bone. This relates to structural soundness; and (ii) within the living organism, it should be continuously resorbed and replaced by natural bone. This relates to the topic of bioresorbable scaffolds enabling internal growth of new tissue.
The course will gather experts from the fields of applied mechanics, biology, and chemistry, in order to give, in an unprecedented transdisciplinary fashion, the cutting-edge view on what the up-to-date ingredients of tissue engineering for load-carrying organs are.
The course is addressed to all doctoral students, researchers, engineers, physicists, chemists, biologists, and medical doctors interested in a novel, comprehensive approach to the understanding and improvement of the tissue engineering field, with special emphasis on mechanics of tissue engineering scaffolds and on the effect of mechanics on biological systems.

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