Entrepreneurship and Business Planning in health/life sciences
Lunedì 22 Luglio 2013 12:41
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The academy is organized through the Health-2-Market project in the heart of one of Europe’s leading technopoles (Sophia-Antipolis, France) and is designed for health researchers/entrepreneurs that have a clear idea of a potential business in mind.
Health-2-Market is an initiative supported by the European Commission / Health DG aimed at providing training and individual support to health and life science researchers in the process of transforming their research results into successful new business ideas.
Overall, during the next 3 years we plan to deliver to researchers a range of well-focused training activities (15 regional 1-2 day training seminars, 7 weeklong highly-intensive international business academies, e-learning courses) as well as provide individual advice and support services on a wide range of commercialisation topics (including patenting/asset management, start-ups, business planning, etc.).
Please click here for more information on the “Entrepreneurship and Business Planning in Health/Life Sciences Academy” and access the application form.
This training has limited space and selection will be based on the basis of application date and as well as participants who have a decent awareness of entrepreneurship issues as well as a clear scope of their project. Registration will close on 22 July 2013.
Website: www.health2market.eu

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