360 Capital Partners launches 360by360 Competition
Lunedì 23 Settembre 2013 10:40
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“We have always been genuinely convinced that Italy is a country that has great resources, that unfortunately remain often under-exploited, - Fausto Boni, General Partner of 360 Capital Partners, says. “In a period of crisis like this one,  it is essential to start from the new ideas and  support them with investments. That is why we have decided to promote this initiative”.
The Competition is open to all startups who, starting from today, can send their applications through the official website. The Competiton partners with the most significant players of the Italian Startup Ecosystem, including top tier business accelerators and Incubators, Business Angel Networks, Scientific and Technological Districts as well as Business Plan Competitions.  Nuvolab, a Business Accelerator is advisor of the initiative.

“It is the first competition that does not end up with the award ceremony –
Cesare Maifredi, General Partner of 360 Capital Partners, says – indeed, the goal is to accompany the winning companies in their growth and to integrate them in the portfolio of the fund”.
Further information about the Competition is available on the official website www.360by360competition.com

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