Bioindustry Park Silvano Fumero

Bioindustry Park Silvano Fumero
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Bioindustry Park ( is a physical science park located 35 Km far from Torino (Italy). It has developed more than 20.000 sqm of labs, pilot plants and offices where now more than 35 different organizations are located. The Science Park area is hosting multinational companies (Merck-Serono, Bracco Imaging), high growth SMEs (AAA, Creabilis Therapeutics), innovative start-ups (Eudendron, Glyconova, Rotalactis, etc), service providers, (SITEC Pharma Consulting, Chemsafe, etc), technology providers (AETHIA, Noraybio, etc), Venture capitalist (Eporgen Venture) and R&D centers (University of Torino, CNR, etc). Bioindustry Park offers support for the development of labs, offices and and pilot plants and it guarantees customized and shared support services, in order to be synergic to the growth of companies. Bioindustry Park is also a conference center and is involved in the development of local policies aimed at increasing the growth rate of the life sciences related sectors, supporting job creation and international positioning of the local cluster, working in partnership with the main regional actors (CEIP, CCIAA Torino, Piemonte regional Authorities, Provincia di Torino, etc)

In the last 10 years more than 30 different start-ups have been supported, also in the context of the incubator initiative Discovery, beeing able to attract more than 50 Meuro of risk capital from local and international investors. To the start-ups, Bioindustry Park offers managerial support, networking, partner search and links with R&D labs, togheter with the possibility to access shared instrumentation and technology transfer capabilities in the Bioindustry Park Lab LIMA (Integrated Laboratory of Advanced Methodologies), specialised in R&D and Technology transfer projects.

In such perspective the ABLE Biosciences Initiative (, always managed by Bioindustry Park, has been conceived as a tool to support the growth of innovative companies. ABLE is focused in offering high quality level (GLP) scientific services to R&D centers, Universities, start-ups and well established companies. ABLE Biosciences (Analytical and Biological Laboratories and Expertise in Biosciences) is a department and a trademark of Bioindustry Park Silvano Fumero S.p.A.

ABLE is the partner of choice for pharmaceutical, biotechnology and research customers requiring scientific excellence in their contract bio analytical, analytical, biomarkers and proteomic services. ABLE Biosciences' range of services are employed by customers as a key part of the drug and diagnostic development process. ABLE Biosciences makes use of advanced techniques and state-of-the-art equipment to provide fast turnaround times, quality and precision. Our deep scientific expertise enables us to provide a portfolio of services characterized by scientific excellence, quality, flexibility and regulatory compliance.

ABLE Biosciences' scientific and management team has a track record of progressing technology solutions and delivering first-class services to the market. The company has worked with international pharmaceutical companies resulting in several Master Service Agreements being placed. ABLE Biosciences continues to invest in cutting-edge technologies and in forming strategic alliances, in order to offer the best quality and most comprehensive services to its pharmaceutical and biotech customers.


Bioindustry Park ia also coordinating the bioPmed cluster ( dedicated to bio and medical technologies (health technologies) created thanks to the intervention of Piemonte Region. bioPmed , created thanks to Piemonte regional authorities in the context of European Structural Funds, is based on a community of more than 350 companies, 3 universities and different research centers, foundations and associations active in the Life Sciences fields. More than 80 of these players have signed a formal agreement to create, build, support and animate the local cluster: they represent the core organisations of the cluster and big companies such as Merck-Serono, Bracco Imaging and Sorin Cardio are among them, sharing the same vision of the other local innovative SMEs, start-ups, medium sized companies, service providers, Universities and R&D centers.

In coherence with the European Union recommendations, bioPmed works to stimulate innovative activities by promoting intensive interactions, the sharing of facilities and the exchange of knowledge and expertise, as well as contributing effectively to technology transfer, networking and information dissemination among the undertakings in the cluster. The overall aim of bioPmed is to develop a bio/med-tech Cluster, based on a converging technologies approach, to sustain the growth of all of its players, particularly the companies. The Cluster is thus focused on issues related to company start-up, to the development of the entrepreneurial system and of local and international synergies, to the study and resolution of intellectual property issues and, of course, to the development of the relations and interactions among all the local stakeholders, in primis academia and the research world .

In the last 4 years more than 40 different R&D projects and feasibility studies - for an overall budget of more than 20 Ml euro - have been launched, ranging over different fields from pharmaceutics to cell therapies, from molecular diagnostic to Lab-On-A-Chip development, from prosthetics to the development of innovative diagnostic instrumentations, from to probiotics to the development of med-tech innovative materials, from bioinformatics to LIMS development.

bioPmed provides a rich portfolio of support services for its members including internationalisation support, IP support, technology assessment capabilities, business plans and project evaluation, partner pearch, technology scouting, project building support, Technology Transfer, training, shared supply solutions, etc. bioPmed has a deep knowledge of the international environment thanks to the experience developed with international companies and in the framework of different international EU funded projects. bioPmed is coherent with the guidelines contained in the "Europe 2020" strategy and is implementing, particularly at international level, a sound partnership based strategy: as an example bioPmed has in place a strategic cooperation agreement with LyonBiopole. bioPmed cluster can be your main entry point for the Italian market and can act as support organization for the development and implementation of R&D or industrial or commercial initiatives thanks to its strong network of local partners and wide contacts worldwide.


The Park is member of APSTI, ASSOBIOTEC, Council of european Bioregions, partner of different EU funded projects and it has in place multiple collaboration agreements with science parks, incubators and cluster in Europe, USA, India China and Africa.


Panorama Bioindustry

Bioindustry Park Silvano Fumero S.p.A.  ( is a science and technology park located in Canavese, near Turin in the north of Italy. The Park promotes and develops research in biotechnologies and Life Sciences, linking university research to the industrial sector in order to support the growth of compagnie.. It offers research facilities, support services, scientific services through ABLE initiative, tutoring/mentoring of start-ups and spin-offs through DISCOVERY initiative, technology transfer services, business development support etc.

Bioindustry Park ia also coordinating the bioPmed cluster ( dedicated to bio and medical technologies (health technologies) created thanks to the intervention of Piemonte Region.

The Park is member of APSTI, ASSOBIOTECH, Council of european Bioregions, partner of different EU funded projects and it has in place different collaboration agreements with science parks, incubators and cluster in Europe, USA, India China and Africa.

Bioindustry Park Silvano Fumero SpA ( è un Parco scientifico ad orientamento bioindustriale e biotecnologico. Promuove e sviluppa ricerche nel campo delle Scienze della Vita, collegando la ricerca universitaria al mondo delle imprese, con l'obiettivo di favorire la crescita delle imprese. Offre opportunità di insediamento, laboratori di ricerca, servizi scientifici attraverso l’iniziativa ABLE, servizi di supporto all’avvio di start-up e spin-off attraverso l’iniziative DISCOVERY, servizi di trasferimento tecnologico, servizi di business development, etc.

Bioindustry Park è anche il coordinatore del polo di innovazione bioPmed ( dedicato alle biotecnologie ed al biomedicale (area salute umana) creato grazie al supporto della Regione Piemonte.

Il Parco è membro di APSTI, ASSOBIOTEC e del Council of European Bioregions., è partner di vari progetti europei e ha attivi vari accordi di collaborazione con Parchi Scientifici, Incubatori e cluster in Europa, Usa, India Cina ed Africa.

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